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Always First In-Home Services

Employment Application Introduction Page

An Equal Opportunity Employer


Introductory Information:

The In-Home Service Program is authorized through the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Trowbridge Enterprises, LLC DBA Always First In-Home Services will be the employer, working under the contract with DHSS. DHSS will decide who is eligible for services and what services they qualify for.


Type of Work Involved:

There are four parts of the work: (1) personal care, (2) homemaker chore, (3) respite care, and (4) advanced personal care (APC). Personal care will involve bathing, shampooing, nail care, mouth care, changing beds, shaving, and helping the client transfer to and from within the home, shopping and errands, laundry and/or meal preparation. Homemaker chores involve cleaning. Respite care includes personal care and companionship. APC involves advanced tasks performed by a CNA or an APC trained aid.


Type of Employment:

Following satisfactory completion of a training program, a contract will be signed by the service worker and Trowbridge Enterprises, LLC DBA Always First In-Home Services. The service worker will be assigned clients to be seen on a regular basis. A worker’s caseload will depend upon the number of referrals received.


Method of Payment:

Service workers will be paid weekly.


Hours Worked:

Service workers will be required to work weekends as well as through the week and holidays.


Requirements for the Job:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. Reliable automobile with proof of insurance
  3. Acceptable means of contacting you (Home Phone, Cell Phone, Message Phone)
  4. Attendance of classroom and/or on the job training
  5. Consent to contact two (2) creditable references
  6. Consent to contact previous employers
  7. Consent and completion of background/criminal investigation, including the Family Care Safety Registry, with no findings prohibiting employment.
  8. No finding on the Employee Disqualification List
  9. Must be able to read, write, and follow directions
  10. Must meet one of the following:
    1. Have at least six (6) months paid work experience as an agency homemaker, nurse aide, maid, or household worker;
    2. Have at least one (1) years experience, paid or unpaid, in caring for children or for sick or aged individuals; or
    3. Successful completion of formal training


Training, supervisory, and In-Service meetings will be scheduled periodically.

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